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Consultation on new coronavirus-related subsidies or benefits

We will take care of even the smallest details.

​ Please feel free to contact us whether you are a corporation or an individual.

VISA application

​visa application for foreigners

​Approval application

​Various license application agent

​loan and grant application



​office introduction

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​ Representative administrative scrivener

​Ogihara Shusuke

We want to be a good partner with whom you can feel free to consult

Application procedures are necessary for various issues surrounding everyone, such as various permits and licenses, inheritance, and VISA.However, the procedure is very complicated, and the procedure differs depending on the type, and if you try to do it yourself, you will waste time and effort.
Therefore, our office will flexibly listen to the customer's request and support the complicated procedures and document preparation quickly according to the customer's request by making use of the achievements and abundant experience of more than 10 years.

​ Please feel free to contact us.



​Customer's voice

We asked Mr. Ogiwara to support the establishment of a joint-stock company and financing. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. The establishment of the corporation was also prepared in a hurry according to the day when I was lucky. In addition, Dr. Ogiwara has a lot of personal connections and was able to introduce various people. I'm really glad I consulted with the founding loan for the amount I requested.

Mr. I, male in his 30s

We consulted on funding issues. He consulted with us about several applicable subsidies and financing sources, and also supported us in preparing the documents. Thank you for answering the phone even late at night. As a result, I was able to afford the funds, and my work was on track. thank you very much.

Mr. H, male in his 20s



​Consultation flow


​Contact us

​ Please feel free to contact us about anything. If you would like to have an interview, please include your preferred date.



Consultation is possible using our office or online conference tool.​The initial consultation is free.



​We will explain what our office can support in response to your inquiry. At that time, we will present the price.


​service start

​We will start the procedure according to your request.

​We may ask you to prepare the necessary documents for the procedure.

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