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​What is a public interest corporation?

A public interest corporation is a corporation that does not pursue profit, but conducts business that is of public interest, and engages in activities that bring benefits to an unspecified number of people. There are two forms of incorporated associations and incorporated foundations, which are called public interest incorporated associations and public interest incorporated foundations, respectively.

​Public Interest Incorporated Association

​A group of people who mainly have the same purpose

​A group that operates with invested property

​Public Interest Incorporated Foundation

To become a public interest corporation, you must first establish a general incorporated association or a general incorporated foundation. After its establishment, it receives national public interest certification and changes its name after certification.

​ Flow of establishment of public interest corporation
​ Fees and consultation

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General Incorporated Foundation


Once the articles of incorporation have been drafted and certified, the incorporation is registered.


public interest​Application for Certification

​ Apply to the Cabinet Office or each prefecture. Must meet national standards.



​You can call yourself a public interest corporation when you get the certification from the country.


name change

​Public Interest Incorporated Association

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation

Change registration to change name to ​.

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